It all started with the birth of my daughter Grace. I never realised how strong the bond between a mother and daughter could be. 

Without a doubt I love my son and daughter equally, however I was super excited at the fact that now I can twin with my girl as much as I desired.

I noticed the available market for matching mother and daughter clothing was either very generic or not to my taste so I started sourcing matching outfits overseas that were unique and of good quality. This led me to physically design and produce outfits that not only we would be wearing but hopefully you and your mini will also enjoy creating memories wearing too.
Sunday Grace is not about fast fashion. We are passionate about creating a capsule wardrobe for both mummy and mini that will stand the test of time. We focus on using sustainable fibres such as cotton and linen and pride our packaging to be helpful to mother nature. 

Thank you for coming along this journey with me and supporting my little dream. We hope your Sunday Grace pieces form part of you and your little one's capsule collection for years to come.
Diana xx